Take Action on Your Credit

Our number one priority at The Fico Doctor,  to our customers, is to help them get their financial life back. We do this through constant education on the process of raising your credit score, rebuilding credit, debt settlement when needed, and dealing with debt collectors.



The first step in getting your financial life back is removing inaccurate information from your credit report.


The second step to restoring your credit is to rebuild it while we work on removing inaccurate information.

Awesome Results

The third step to restoring your credit is to focus on raising your credit score by getting approved for a loan..


We help improve your credit by removing erroneous negative items holding back your credit scores.

We are one of the best credit repair companies near you!  We specialize in rendering exceptional, trustworthy credit repair services. Being fully dedicated to finding the best financial solutions, our approach is tailored to attack everyone’s negative credit score and or report to ensure change. Whether you’re looking to consolidate debt, qualify for a low interest mortgage or vehicle, get funding for your business startup, or just want to overall improve credit score, we are here to assist. We are that one-stop credit repair, that will help you actualize your desires.


Get solutions to your credit

The bad credit situation needs to be resolved on time to regain a good credit score, and it could be achieved with proper rules.

Identifying the Problems

Part of the first step on the path to better credit is to identify the inaccurate information that is bringing your score down. This is done through a deep credit analysis process.

Challenging the Bureaus

Once we have identified all of the information that is not verifiable, inaccurate or misleading, we input it into our system. This allows us to begin the challenging process.

Analyzing the Updated Reports

After the updated reports have come back in from the suppliers, we will go over them once again to verify the inaccurate, unverifiable or misleading was removed or updated.

Credit Education

During the credit restoration process, we will provide you with information and the education you need to continue raising your credit score.

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Get a professional analysis of your credit report to identify opportunities for your credit score improvement


Clean Up Your Past

We work with credit bureaus and your creditors to challenge the negative report items that affect your credit score.


Track Your Present

Easy access to your account 24/7 for live status updates on improvements on your credit reports and scores.


Change Your Future

We’ll maximize your score so you can achieve your goals and learn how to maintain great credit long after our work is done.

Our goals:

We are committed to your journey to financial freedom to relinquish the confidence into yourself, dependents and lifestyle.


Popular Questions

We focus on the correction and removal of all negative inaccurate, incomplete and unverifiable accounts reporting on our clients consumer reports such as – student loans, bankruptcies, repos, medical bills, collections, charge-offs, late payments, judgments, tax liens and, inaccurate erroneous personal information.

Removing anything from your credit reports does not remove your obligation to that debt.  You still are legally liable for the debt and need to settle it if it is within the statute of limitations in your state. If you feel you are over your head with debt, bankruptcy might be something you should consider, that is the only legal way to remove yourself from debt liability.

After the credit agencies receive our disputes that we send off on your behalf, they have 21 days to investigate. Clients usually see results on their end in the first 30-45 days.

Credit restoration is a team sport. It’s very important you are paying your bills on time, paying down credit card balances and/or building positive credit history if you do not currently have a lot of positive accounts. 


Needs a Credit Boost Strategy Session?

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What our client says?


Jack Floss


“The Fico Doctor fits our needs perfectly. I will refer everyone I know to you guys. Good credit helps us all save!”


Jim Bergling


“Keep up the excellent work. It’s all good. Thank You! I have gotten at least 50 times the value from you.”


Maya Cutts


“Nice working with your company. We can’t believe how we’ve been living without having good credit!”

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